You’ve come up with a fantastic idea for a startup… But you’re not sure if it’s a viable one or not. What do you do next?
It’s essential to get your ideas right before you start developing them. 95% of new products fail in their first year of launch. Or to put it another way, only one in twenty product ideas succeed.
In this article, we’ll be taking a look at why it’s so important to validate your startup idea before you start spending a lot of time and money developing it. And that’s where the Lean Startup Validation process gets into…

Did you know that there were 218 billion mobile app downloads in 2020? That’s an incredible 55% increase since 2016! If you’re looking to create a brand new mobile app, this could mean a lot of potential success for your startup. However, remember that for every TikTok, there’s a YikYak, Vine, Friendster, or Google Plus. Startups that scale efficiently grow twenty times faster than those that don’t. This means that if you want to increase the chances of your mobile app succeeding, utilizing lean startup development can be a great advantage. …

As your startup grows, it’s essential to be able to entice the best and brightest to come and work with you. This makes a healthy startup work culture incredibly important.
A positive company culture not only encourages people to come and work as part of your business but also inspires them to be innovative and work hard.
Conversely, the only thing a negative company culture will inspire staff to do is to look for another job.

The current article is an addition to 10 Startup Mistakes that we’ve published a couple of weeks ago. In this article, we will look…

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startup equity

In the early days of creating a startup, cash can be extremely scarce. When you’re starting out and don’t have money to pay employees and investors, offering equity can be an excellent way to provide compensation for supporting your startup.

However, giving away equity does mean that you are in effect, giving away a little bit of your business.

In this article we’ll be looking at what startup equity is, the pros and cons of giving it away and how much you should offer in return for helping your startup.

There’ll also be some links to…

Previously, we shared an article about searching for investor. But you would definitely need to discuss your startup valuation with them. We’re all used to seeing stories in the news about how much established companies are worth and how their value has skyrocketed over the years.

However, when you’re starting, working out your business’s value can be a little bit more of a mystery.

Businesses that have been around a long time base their valuations around how many assets they own, the revenue they generate and the earnings they receive. …

Hi Startupper🖖
Previously, we were writing about Startup launching price & prototype creation. But your active income might be not enough for the launch. Based on this, we would like to tell you how to find investors today. If you want to find investors for your startup business, you may not be sure where to begin. Not only do you have to find a potential investor, but you have to check they have experience in your industry and pitch your business successfully to them.

It sounds like a lot of hard work, but it doesn’t have to be!

In this…

In our previous article we wrote about startup prototyping and compering it with MVP. But this is a more detailed question. To create a best-selling startup, you not only need an idea, but the money to implement it. Here, we will look at how much money is needed to launch a startup, what to factor into your budget, and how to work out your costs.

Before you launch your brand new business, you will need to work out how much money you will need in order to operate your startup successfully. …

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Hi Startupper. Last time we were sharing 5 key factors to success. Today, we would like to concentrate your attention on one of the first steps you would need to work on. Let’s imagine that you’ve got an idea for an amazing product or service, and you’ve tested it to see if it is viable. What is the next step in the startup journey? The answer is… to create a prototype. So, how to build a prototype?

Not too sure what a prototype is? Don’t worry.

This guide will explain the different prototypes you can use…

Hi Startupper, last time you had a chance to check the 10 main startup mistakes. Today, we would like to point out main startup key factors to target on.

Sometimes it’s not just enough to have a great startup idea. Sometimes it’s a case of being in the right place at the right time.

Take Airbnb as an example. Founders Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia were struggling to afford the rent on their apartment in San Francisco. There was a design conference in the city. So, they decided to rent their apartment out to delegates who couldn’t find a hotel.

Hi startupper. Hope you liked our previous article about accelerators. Today, we would like to highlight Top 10 startup mistakes to avoid to get to Acceleration. And for sure, if you would avoid them, you would have much more chances to succeed.

So, Did you know that nine out of ten start-ups fail?

According to Failory, 90% of start-ups eventually go out of business, with a 20% failure rate in the very first year of business.

Although the start-up failure rate seems high, you should not be put off from following your dreams and starting your brand new business venture…

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